Kiera Brinkley – Kiera feels as though dance gave her a voice. When people see a wheelchair, they most often jump to conclusions, which makes it challenging for them to communicate with her. Dance was and IS her communication technique. With her Medical Assisting degree she hopes to work in a hospital with toddlers and infants, while at the same time choreograph. One of her biggest goals is to inspire and encourage as many people as possible. Kiera is both a subject and Co-Producer of SOAR.


Uriah Boyd – After graduating from Jefferson High School with an award for Dancer of the Year, Uriah enrolled in the Constructing Hope Pre-apprenticeship Program. Her goal is to have  a firm idea of exactly what trade she wants to work in by the end of the program. So far she’s learned that construction is very demanding and intolerant of excuses, but her love of creating things and seeing hard work pay off convinces her she will succeed in that environment. By entering into the trades field, she will prove to herself and others that being a black woman is by no means a crutch. Uriah is both a subject and Co-Producer of SOAR.


Susan Hess Logeais – A former ballet dancer and model, Susan still acts, cares for her family, and focuses most of her free time on filmmaking. She hopes to graduate from Marylhurst University this year with a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Transformational Entertainment and Human Consciousness. This project has allowed her to refine her skills as a filmmaker while developing her voice as a social activist. Susan is the Director/Producer of SOAR.


Melissa St Clair – A gifted choreographer, Melissa taught dance at Jefferson High School for 28 years and co-directed Jefferson Dancers II during that time. She is also certified in the Krishnamacharya/Desikachar tradition of yoga. Her choreography of the duet SOAR inspired this documentary and she also gave Kiera her first opportunity to choreograph for JD 2.  Melissa is a Co-Producer of  SOAR.


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We believe that whatever challenges one might face, it is through art that we are fully human. This project is dedicated to helping people expand their idea of what is possible.


SOAR Documentary Enters Post Production

Susan filming_kneeling_SSThe SOAR Dance Concert  and Documentary Finale was a huge success. A celebration of 2 years of filming and planning, it brought together dance groups that had never shared a stage before. Oregon Ballet Theater’s Artistic Director Kevin Irving introduced the show and the S.E.I. Drum Line closed the night by playing for the choreographed bows. Kiera and Uriah will give a master class at DaVinci Arts Middle School, where they both began their dance training, and look forward to meeting and moving with Spacial Dynamics founder Jaimen McMillan. By June 2,  we will have all the footage we need to complete the final edit of the film.

As we work towards that, there are grants to apply for and relationships to build that will allow us to bring SOAR to other cities in the months to come. Join our film family and take this journey with us. There will be a rough cut screening to help us see what is and isn’t working as we polish the documentary into its final version. Once we have a picture lock and a finished soundtrack, there will be another screening to share our progress with our loyal fans.

For out of town supporters, there will be digital downloads of the film and concert available once we have premiered at our first film festival. And if you want to organize a screening, we will do our best to bring the film to you.

So soar with us! Help us finish the film by donating and sharing our story.



We thank our  sponsors and supporters for making our progress possible.
The Portland Ballet, Polaris Dance Theater,  Therapeutic Associates, and Gravitas Studio


Join the SOAR community and help us finish the film.

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