SOAR explores the relationship between two sisters: Kiera, a quadruple amputee who lost her limbs at age two, and Uriah, who was born a month before her sister contracted pneumococcal sepsis. The film celebrates the extraordinary ways that Kiera has learned to adapt—as a dancer, choreographer and medical assistant. It also reveals the deeply loving relationship between the sisters and Uriah’s part in helping her sister adjust. Tension arises when Uriah steps away, finally admitting her need to define herself as an individual. A dance concert reunites them, rekindling their powerful bond.

54 minutes / USA
Directed by Susan Hess Logeais
Inspired by a duet choreographed by Melissa St Clair

In May PBS will screen SOAR on local stations around the country. Contact your local station to ask about SOAR.

SOAR is currently seeking underwriters committed to supporting women in the arts, racial diversity and the visibility of those who are alternately-abled. Click here for more details.